Hello my name is Trish Whyte.  I am an aspiring self taught artist living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.  I enjoy all types of art, and like to mostly draw and paint.  I have experimented in a couple different types of painting such as oil and acrylic.  With acrylic being my preferred favorite medium.  I draw and shade pieces in pencil crayon as well.

I enjoy doing large wall pieces especially.  My forte is mostly geared towards painting one of the great passions in my life “Animals”. The reason I love painting animals closeup is in the eyes.  Looking into the eyes you are able to see the soul of any animal.  In the past I have experimented with all different types of subjects such as landscapes and people, but painting animals is something I enjoy the most.

I got started painting when I was given some art supplies and documentation from a family of another local artist, Lynn Morrow that had passed away.  She was an incredible artist as well as an art teacher.  I received her portfolio and all her art books and supplies.  Going through her stuff I got to know her and she helped get me started.  I would like to thank her family for donating her items to me.  I got to know someone special and learned some things from someone I had never met before.  I would also like to thank my husband Graham for his support and creating this great website for me.  Thank you to all those that support me as well, and keeping me focused.

I showcase my art here and hope you enjoy viewing some of my work as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

Trish Whyte